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Welcome New Homeowners

At We Just Closed, LLC we understand the emotional and financial pressures that come with purchasing a new home, moving in, and getting things situated just the way you dreamed it would be. We work closely with local and national businesses to bring you exclusive savings on products, services, and dining to help you keep your money in your pocket.

The best part of joining? It's FREE to New Homeowners and New Renters!

What better way to start off this next chapter of your life?

Benefits of Joining
We Just Closed Include:

icon Complimentary lifetime New Homeowner Membership
icon Household365 Management Tool
icon Reputable Referrals (Homeowner Helpers)
icon Exclusive Local, New Jersey and National Deals and Savings
icon Online Savings and Deals
icon Community Insights

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HouseHold 365 is a proprietary management tool that helps you organize and maintain your household. This tool comes with your FREE membership and can be used to keep track of all your closing paperwork, household warranties and any other information you need to keep your life running smoothly.


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