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Business Owners and Homeowner Helpers - Join our community!

Would your business benefit from being in front of every new homeowner that moved into town?  We Just Closed partners with local and national businesses to offer exclusive discounts and deals to new homeowners. We work with thousands of local residents and their real estate professionals to make their homebuying experience easier and more cost-effective.  See below for more information on how you can join our mission to help new home buyers and promote your business.

We offer a special designation to our partners called Homeowner Helpers. We care about our new homeowners and our goal is to align them with the best possible business owners and professionals who value the American dream and pledge to help our new homeowner members who have recently closed on theirs.

Benefits of Advertising
with We Just Closed include:

icon Target specific Market Segments which allows for profitability and growth.
icon Access to the New Homeowner and Real Estate Professional Communities
icon Ability to showcase products, services, and savings with a click of a button.
icon Exposure on a Local and National Level.
iconBenefit from our Shop Local, Spend Local campaign
icon Establish new Customer Relationships and maintain them!

Advertising with We Just Closed is extremely easy and cost-effective

Simply choose monthly or yearly.

As an advertiser, you will receive full website exposure including prominent home page large size ad placement, plus presence in the Real Estate Professionals Member pages including our FollowUp 365 proprietary CRM, R-E-Connect, our proprietary social networking platform, New Homeowner Household 365 tool pages, and more!


As an advertiser, the business owner or homeowner helper will receive a robust directory listing with the ability to enter your listing into multiple categories as well as the ability offer deals or discounts to our new homeowner members. Likewise, you can also offer REP rewards to our real estate professionals. Deals for them, savings for them, incentives to have them refer you business, or gifts for their clients.

For Multi-Location Businesses or Large Company Partnerships, please contact us directly at info@wejustclosed.com.