Real Estate Professionals (REPs)

We Just Closed is offering an exclusive membership to our Real Estate Professionals which includes Realtors, Mortgage Originators, Home Insurance Agents, Attorneys, Title Agents and New Home Builders. All Real Estate Professionals can subscribe to our monthly Premium Membership which provides all members full access to everything We Just Closed has to offer or subscribe to our discounted yearly program.

Benefits of joining We Just Closed include:

  • Unlimited, Free Memberships for all your New Homeowners and New Renters - It’s the Closing Gift that Keeps on Giving!
  • Full access to our “FollowUp 365” Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool that enables you to stay in constant contact and maintain your relationship with clients.
  • Personalized We Just Closed REP Marketing page that you can share with all your clients.
  • REP Rewards Program - Take advantage of special savings offered to all of our REPs by Local, National and Online Businesses.
  • Emails will be customized with your information and sent out monthly to your client base, alerting them to all new business savings.
  • Personalized “We Just Closed” Social Networking Platform.
  • Branded, Personalized Email Messages & Updates.


Follow Up 365 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool enables you to not only stay in constant contact with your clients, but allows you to maintain your relationship with clients.

Our proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool offers REPs the ability to:

  • Add New Homeowner and Renter Members
  • Add New Business Contacts
  • Add an Event
  • Manage your personal and professional Calendar
  • Take advantage of our exclusive REP Rewards Savings Program
  • Utilize our Social Media Networking Tool to connect to clients and community




connect - the we just closed way! Our Social Networking Tool

connect - the we just closed way is our proprietary Social Networking Platform comprised of New Homeowners, New Renters, Real Estate Professionals and Business Owners. Our Connect social networking platform allows users to easily customize their networking pages and connect to our exclusive group.

Connect gives you the following social networking modules:

  • Main page customization
  • Large size profile cover image
  • Groups
  • Private Messaging
  • Profile Page
  • Wall Activity * Posting
  • Followers
  • Galleries - Picture and Video
  • Compliments
  • Likes
  • Mentions
  • Gold & Platinum Ad Display

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